Women's wellness - Reconnecting to your cycle wisdom

Our vision for The Healthy Hormone Club is that all women learn to understand their menstrual cycle and bodies in such a way that they reconnect to the wisdom of their menstrual cycles.

Wellness for women by women

We provide women’s health services including online and in-person courses, workshops and consultations aimed to educate and empower women to use nutrition to support a healthy menstrual cycle. Our three main principals for hormonal support are cycle focused nutrition, cycle wisdom awareness and moon sister circles.

Cycle focused nutrition

Cycle wisdom awareness

Moon Sister Circles

These principals help women understand and improve:

PMS, emotional changes, hormonal imbalance, PCOS symptoms, relationship with food, synthetic birth control risks, body awareness and re-establishing cyclical living.

Choose your perfect plan

Quit the pill mini-course

Online course

This is a one month journey to reclaim your natural menstrual cycle. Many women are on the birth control pill to ‘balance’ their hormones, but this is not possible. The pill masks your underlying symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

R550 one-time investment

My Moon Cycle Group Course

Online group course

This is a three month journey of learning how to eat & live in sync with your cycle. This is process of reconnecting to your cycle wisdom, living cyclically and reclaiming your feminine energy.

R1700 one-time investment

Hormone Harmony Workshop

Online & in-person workshop

This morning workshop is a great introduction to the beautiful world of hormones and how to start supporting your body with food to flourish.

R450 one-time investment

What our amazing club members say

Welcome to the club!

Hi, I'm Bea!

I am hormone obsessed and love all conversations about our cycles! I am based in the beautiful Western Cape, South Africa. I help women to fall in love and reconnect with their cycles!  

After completing my Masters degree in Environmental Science, I went on to become a Pilates instructor and Holistic Nutritionist. I’m all about sharing knowledge about our environment, hormones and nutrition!

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