My Moon Cycle Course

Your opportunity to reconnect with your cycle wisdom

Wellness for women by women

I am ecstatic to welcome you into this safe space! During this course you will have time to reconnect with the wisdom that is embedded in your natural menstrual cycle. I truly feel that the awareness of our menstrual cycle is the missing link in women's health. Let's celebrate together!

Who is it for?

This course is designed to allow modern day women that are busy with kids, work, school and more, to learn how to live in harmony with their hormones. All material is self passed, online and easy to use. You deserve to learn about your body and how wonderfully you are made. Knowledge gives you the empowerment to make your own informed decisions about the food your eat, the medication you take and how you teach your daughter or friends about their bodies. This course is ideal for women with hormonal imbalances such as fatigue, weight gain, PCOS, period pain, or PMS or any women wanting to understand her cycle better. We are in it together.

Next course

May 2022

I have exciting news

THIS NEXT COURSE is open to women of ANY AGE GROUP! This is an amazing opportunity to bring your mom with you, who also wants to understand more about her body and her 'Wisdom Cycle' aka menopausal years. This testimonial is why:

Our three main principals for hormonal support

Cycle Focused Nutrition

Life is too short to diet! During this course you will learn how to use food to support your cycle with the ideal nutrients for each phase. Learning how to support each phase of your cycle with nutrients and energy you will restore your balance. You will learn that your gut and liver have everything to do with hormones and to achieve balance.

Cycle Wisdom Awareness

This course is unique and designed to teach you how your cycle is your superpower. You will learn how to reconnect with your cyclical rhythm and emotional changes throughout the different phases of your cycle. You will be guided on how to track your cycle and sync your personal and work life with your cycle.

Moon Sister Circles

Women have been gathering for thousands of years, and we feel the calling to re-establish this celebration of the beautiful feminine energy together. Every time we gather in a safe space we can learn, grow and share our beautiful feminine energy with each other. During this course we will have guided sessions for emotional release, celebration and sharing.

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    What is included:

    Frequently asked questions

    This is a 3-month online course, with self passed guided videos, as well as regular group calls for support.

    The course is a once off investment of R1700 per person. Alternatively you can pay R900 per month for two months as part of a payment plan option.

    No, this is a group course that launches on a specific date. Sign up to the newsletter and keep an eye out for the next launching date.

    We will have weekly group calls in the first month of the course for any question. During the second and third month we will have one group call to catch up. We will also have a Telegram/WhatsApp group during this time for questions. You can also send me a personal email if you like to discuss a matter in private.

    Yes, you receive meal plans for each if your cycle phases. These can be used as guidelines or followed more strictly if you wish. This is not a diet, but rather nutrient specific meals for each phase.

    Yes, of course. You will receive all the tools to support your body while on the will as well the skills to quit the pill when you ready. You will be using the moon phases to ‘sync; up with your cycle, as you do not have a natural cycle while on the pill.