My Moon Cycle Online Course

Our proven 4-step roadmap to stay in sync with your cycle by simplifying hormonal health for all women.

This course is perfect for you if you want:

This is not an ordinary 'nutrition plan'. Here's our secret:

 The Healthy Hormone Club is the first of it’s kind in South Africa! What makes us different is that we always take your menstrual cycle into consideration when looking at nutrition, work-life and your exercise routine. This is truly REVOLUTIONARY.

SO this means that we consider the menstrual cycle as the 5th sign of health and therefore evaluate your personal questionnaire with that in mind. We take time to look at your symptoms and how we can reduce or eliminate them. These can include anything from PMS, period pain, mood issues, energy dips, tender breasts. PCOS, insulin resistance, gut-health issues and more. 

If you don’t have a menstrual cycle; you’re in your wisdom (menopausal) years; had a hysteretomy or are on birth control you will be guided on how you can track the lunar cycles instead. This will keep you deeply connected to your intuitive energy within while you still receive all the benefits of the course.

Group course

Group course

Next course 15 November 2023


Value includes:

-Live classes and consultations worth R3900

-Access to the Membership worth R170

Total value: R4070

Only R1800

Next launching dates:

Only 20 spots per group course

What's inside the 4-step InSync roadmap modules

Cycle awareness

Return to wholefoods

Body literacy

Mindful movement

Group course bonus classes

  • Rediscover your cycle superpowers
  • Learn how to track your emotions, energy levels in alignment with your menstrual cycle
  • Redefine your cyclical rhythm when in menopause or after a hysterectomy
  • Reconnecting to the Moon Cycle Phases
  • Learn how to sync your personal life and workflow with your cycle to reduce stress, improve productivity and prevent burn-out
  • Intelligence of the microbiome
  • All dis-ease starts in the gut
  • Sauerkraut making session (Membership BONUS, date TBC)
  • Stress and our hormones
  • Toxic load
  • Cycle symptoms and the link to emotions

Incredible client transformations

What our amazing club members say

Are you ready to become the NEW you? You will:

Frequently asked questions

This course includes 4 one-hour classes. You will also have access to the WhatsApp support group for 8-weeks from the start of the course for additional support.

The group course is a once off investment of R1800 per person. Alternatively you can pay R950 per month for two months as part of a payment plan option.

No , the group course has specific launching dates.

If you have signed up to the group course, you can bring your questions along to the weekly group class or alternatively you can ask on our private WhatsApp group during this time. You can also send me a personal email if you like to discuss a matter in private.

Yes, you receive the Real-food Reset Cookbook which includes wholefood recipes. You also receive a meal-plan for guidance.

Yes, of course. You will receive all the guidance to support your body while on the pill as well the skills to quit the pill when you ready. You will be using the moon phases to ‘sync’ up with your cycle, as you do not have a natural cycle while on the pill.