My MOON CYCLE course

This course is designed to teach you all you need to know about your hormonal health and how to restore balance. You will have 3-months support on your journey! This course is ideal for ALL menstruating women (ideally for women between the ages of 20 to 40). A mother-daughter workshop coming soon!

Register before 30 September and bring a friend along for free!

Course starts 2 October 2021

Follow my 5-goal signature process to reconnect with your cycle wisdom:

1. Learn how and why to quit the pill (Unmask your symptoms)

This is your first step to balance your hormones. Many women are on the birth control pill to ‘balance’ their hormones, but this is not possible. The pill masks your underlying symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Therefore, quitting the pill will help to uncover your root cause resulting in your hormonal imbalance such as acne, hirsutism (male pattern hair growth), irregular cycles and more.

2. Work on your root cause

After removing the bandaid (quitting the ‘pill’) we will be able to work on your root cause of your hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms such as skin breakouts, period pain, fatigue, weight gain, constipation, heavy or light periods, PMS, bloating are our bodies warning light to inform us something is out of balance. 

We will spend time to analyse where your hormonal imbalance in rooted. Most of our imbalances are rooted in inflammation, poor gut-health, malnutrition, overexercise, stress, toxin exposure and emotional trauma.

However, you can still participate in this course if you are on the pill. You will have all the tools to support your body while on it as well the skills to quit the pill when you ready.  

3. Heal your gut and detox your liver

You will learn that your gut and liver have everything to do with hormones and to achieve balance. You will also learn and do a liver and gut protocol that will support these systems. Hormones are broken down by the liver and removed from the body via the gut. In modern times our gut and liver are even more stressed and cannot process all the pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones from birth control pills and causes symptoms such as skin breakouts, stubborn fat storing, constipation and toxin build up and more.

4. Learn how to eat to support to your cycle (This is not a diet)

Each phase of our cycle requires specific nutrients for our cycle to be in balance. This is NOT a diet, it is a way of using food to support your body. We will add easy, wholefood recipes with ingredients that are common and easily found.  You will learn how to eat to support your changing hormones during your cycle. This includes eating protocol: Your FOOD CYCLE plan.

5. Learn your rhythm

Your cycle is truly your superpower when you understand how to listen to our INNER FLOW. You will learn to uncover this power by understanding your emotional, physical, and hormonal changes that happen over your 28-day moon cycle. You will explore and understand your natural symphony of emotions and other fluctuations linked to your four phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual.  

BONUS: Expert interviews

During our course we have interviews with experts in the women’s health industry in South Africa. We will talk with:

  • Gut-specialist Dr. Melody Fourie about the link  between gut-health and hormones. 
  • Rona Mirimi from Mindful Menstrual Cycle Awareness about the  Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
  • Aimee du Preez an Ayervadic practitioner, personal trainer, massage therapist and health product developer to discuss alternative household products and how to identify toxins in conventional products.
  • Sonja Bekker from Sunshine Therapies to discuss electrolysis treatment to remove facial hair caused by hormonal imbalances associated with PCOS. 
  • Maria du Plessis founder of Gut Mother Nutrition. We will discuss how to make a lifestyle change with kids and a husband and more!

Want more info about My Moon Cycle Course?

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    Next course starts

    October 2021

    Registrations close 29 September 2021 (Book now, limited spaces available)

    How much is the course?

    A once-off payment doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we have the option of either a once-off payment or two-monthly payments:

    What you get:

    You will have 3-months support on your journey!  This course is designed to allow modern day women that are busy with kids, work, school and more, to restore their balance. All material is self passed, online and easy to use.

    Month 1

    Self passed study material:
    Prerecorded online videos

    Worksheets for each phase (only for yourself to learn about each phase)

    Meal plans for each phase of your cycle (that your husband and kids will love)

    Support (Telegram group, emails)


    Weekly online calls (Wednesdays @ 18:00)

    Specialist bonus expert interviews

    Additional healing protocols including: Gut healing, liver detox, period pain


    Month 2

    Support (Telegram group, emails)

    One group call

    Access to the online portal to have enough time to work through all the online resources

    Month 3

    Support (Telegram group, emails)

    One group call

    Access to the online portal to have enough time to work through all the online resources

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is My Moon Cycle course?

    You have 3-months support on your journey!

    Will my eating plans be personalised?

    Yes, your eating plan will be tailored to your cycle and if you have any food allergies. 

    Can I do the course even if I do not have PCOS?

    YES! This course will teach you so much about your natural hormonal cycle. You will also learn how to eat according to your cycle and how to support each stage for optimal overall health. 

    Is there a specific age to participate in the course?

    We focus on information that will benefit women of reproductive age, between 21 – 40. 

    A mother-daughter workshop coming soon!

    Will it only be group calls or will I receive individual calls as well?

    We will have an individual call before the course commences. This will assist me to understand your personal needs and will help to personilise your meal plan. During the course, a weekly group call will be held for questions and discussions.

    Here you will learn how to reconnect with your cycle through:

    Cycle wisdom awareness