This our amazing members are saying about their transformations & successes after joining the club.

'My cycle regulated after I switched to wholefoods and understanding my cycle. I asked my husband: Can it be this simple?'
Jade Bentel
Pilates instructor
'In my previous cycle I noticed reduced PMS symptoms. My breast didn't swell up as much, mood swings were minimal and improved bowel movements (constipation)'
Kgaogelo Matjie
Self employed
'My symptoms have improved since starting this journey with the Happy Hormone Club. I have to date lost 9kg and I don't feel absolutely shattered with exhaustion anymore! My main symptom when starting this journey was the relentless fatigue, but since implementing this new lifestyle I am a much happier human with better mental and physical health. I am waiting until I am ready to eventually wean myself off the pill but Bea has provided me with amazing tools to do so when I am ready. She has made this PCOS journey bearable and is only ever a whatsapp away. To have someone who truly understands was the main reason as to why I embarked on this journey with her. '
Bianca Leader
''My consultation with Bea was wonderful and the doing the work for the 4 weeks were easy to follow. My experience was fantastic. Not only did I for the first time in years experience a symptom free period but I had no period pain, my energy was better and I lost 4kg. Bea looks at you holistically and her program and guidelines are so manageable. I wish took the plunge to start this journey earlier. I would definitely recommend this to every woman.'
Yvette Harmse
''I badly wanted to fall pregnant when I met Bea. My menstrual cycle was very irregular and I needed help managing it. Bea gave me so many helpfull tools to regulate my mood, mental state, emotions and most important, my hormones. When I met her she asked: "Where would you like to be in 3 monthts" , to which I replied: " I'd like to be pregnant" and just like that 3 months later I was pregnant and I now have a beautiful healthy 6 month old baby girl. After my pregnancy Bea still helps me out when I have questions. She changed my outlook on food and how wholefoods will make you look and feel great. I have reached my goal weight very soon after I met Bea and am I back where I want to be even after I had my baby. She will always come recommended to everyone I meet.'
Sunel Manson
'Within the first month of using the guide and tips provided, my mood has improved significantly and my PMS symptoms were non-existent. I was surprised the day my period arrived, as there were no symptoms indicating that it was on the way. I understand my body so much better and can nourish it according to the phase in my cycle with the amazing recipes provided by Bea. And a BONUS is that I have been receiving so many compliments on my weight and clear skin! I love being a part of The Healthy Hormone Club!'
Tamzin Osman
Financial Accountant
''I really enjoyed the my Moon Cycle Course so much! I leant so much about my cycle and gained practical and useful tools and skills to help better regulate my cycle in a natural way. Gaining "cycle wisdom" is amazing and learning how to honor your natural cycle has really improved my physical and mental health in so many ways. Thank you so much for your great support and encouragement Bea! I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to gain "cycle wisdom" and learn how to work with your body's fluctuating hormones and how this can positively affect your mood and physical health.'
Hermien Slabbert
Project manager
'Bea’s moon cycle course was enlightening in so many ways! From the start it was informative from a simple biological and scientific perspective! The course notes and videos cover it all in a lot of detail. Learning to bring awareness to our cycle and it’s connection to the phases of the moon adds a depth to the miracle of our bodies and nature and how intricately we are linked. And then to also use this to enhance how we can live our best lives is magical. Already in menopause and in my wisdom years, this course affirmed our bodies still function in this rhythm, connected to the moon, and with food as our medicine we can support ourselves and see the miracle of all the phases of our lives.'
Jean More
Business woman & mother
'This course has really empowered me to make the right choices for me and my body. Not only that, but it has allowed me to notice how uniquely we need to be nurtured at different points in our cycle. I have 3 girls so I am immensely grateful to have had my eyes open to what we haven’t been told. Bea holds space so beautifully and is so passionate about her teachings as it is evident in everything she does. We need to empower ourselves! Start here!’'
Vanessa Davis
Finance Academy Manager
''The Moon cycle course is highly recommended. I have learned so much about myself and my body. Bea has created a safe space for women! This course has really been an eye opener and has made me realize that I am not the only female on this planet that feels the way I do some days. With changes to my diet and addressing some of the mental challenges I faces during different phases I have come out stronger and more empowered. Thank you Bea you have truly created something special!''
Hendi janse van Rensburg
Group Quality Managermanager
''This course gives you all the tools that you need to take your female health and well-being into your own hands. Bea is always ready to help and always happy to answer questions. If she does not know the answer to your question, she will do research to give an informed answer.''
Denieke van de Velde
Software developer
'Wow. The world needs more Bea's!!! This is so empowering and such a safe space to finally say what you have been feeling for years, but never aloud to outer. We us women are so powerful and so beautifully created and Bea gives you all the right tools to be able to cary around all our superpowers. Thank you Bea, for providing scientific researched answers on all our questions and teaching us women that we need to prioritize ourselves.'
Marguerite Olivier
''I have spent the last year researching different cycle syncing methods and applying them to my life where I can. If I had this course a year ago It would have saved me so much time! The information in this course covered everything that took me a year to learn on my own and so so much more all in a beautifully guided package! I would recommend every woman to take this course.''
Aimee du Preez
Ayurvedic Practitioner
''I would like to thank Bea for all the valuable knowledge she had shared. I usually struggle with crazy pms but since incorporating the little changes here and there and knowing when to eat what types of foods my mental and physical state during my luteal phase has taken a turn for the better. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to understand their body better.''
Maria du Plessis
''Bea helped me to fall in love with the fact that I am beautifully and intricately made. To embrace my womanhood and to love me. I have fallen in love with food and cooking all over again, it's about having a strong, kind and loving relationship with food. I love the fact that my food comes straight from the earth, it heals, it balances and it keeps me grounded. I get to enjoy life anytime of the month!''
Monique Havenga
Pilates Instructor
''Thank you Bea, for this well-crafted course that deals with such an important aspect of a woman's life. I have learnt to pay attention to the different phases of my cycle in order to better optimise my energy and productivity instead of pushing against the grain. It was an eye opening experience to learn of the different foods that support the body during the different cycle phases, as well as the developing a healthy relationship with food. I also love that the course offers practical steps to follow in order to walk out this journey to a healthier me. This is definitely a course that so many woman will benefit from.'''
Nkateko Ndobe
Project coordinator
''My journey with Bea has been both informative and empowering. It actually encouraged me to not be scared to quit the pill and I've been doing great!''
Prianka Bipraj
''I was a bit unsure of what to expect when I signed up for the training but Bea created such a safe and nurturing space I felt quiet comfortable to share. The information was amazing, I learnt so much and left the training feeling excited, empowered and keen to make some changes. I would recommend this to all woman of any age! ''
Sally Godsell
''I loved this course, it taught me so much about how wonderful my female body really is. Although I haven't incorporated all the knowledge into my lifestyle yet, I will continue to do so as life long journey of discovery and celebration. Bea's guidance throughout the process was amazing, she always responded to me in a timely manner and walked the extra mile to be able to answer all my endless questions. I can see that you will continue to empower woman to be the best versions of themselves, thank you Bea!''
Frianke Paxton
''Thank you so much Bea for the course. It was so informative. I learned a lot of things I didn't know about my cycle. It helped with with me understanding my body. Also with the recipes I enjoy them and helps with my sugar cravings.I really appreciate your guidance and patience. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Thanks again!''
Hope Komane
Massage therapist
''There is such a tenderness about having our periods. I would highly recommend any young woman to pursue a full understanding of her cycle. Your guidance is so passionate. I wish I knew you when I started this journey. The magic of woman sharing is also very vital. Thank you for taking me on this journey. I wish you many warm connections with female goddesses taking their power back.''
Sonja Bekker
Skin care & electrolysis expert
''The moon cycle course helped me understand my fluctuations in emotions and helped me realise that we are special and we need to look after yourself. The course was very informative and can be implemented during the course and forever thereafter. It is a lifestyle change that will change your life. ''
Analike Blom van Staden
Laboratory manager
''Thank you Bea for this amazing course! It has definitely opened my eyes about my cycle and understanding my body. It's not a diet but a lifestyle and I intend to keep it that way. I really enjoyed the recipes, it give me good guidance throughout the course. Thanks again Bea!''
Marcell Venter
Digital marketer
''Thank you Bea for a life-changing course - you have a wonderful way of creating a safe space that encourages learning and growth! This course was so eye opening - I had so many, "oh, so that's why" moments. Not only did this course bring greater understanding but it also encouraged me to really listen to my body. I now experience that I am able to work with my body instead of against it. I believe that this is a course which every woman can benefit greatly from!''
Tarina Wilkinson
Music student
''This is such a well researched and crafted course about managing your hormones in alternative ways. Understanding how your cycle fits in together with the moon phases was eye opening for me. I love how many practical tips there are, including but not limited to, eating in line with what phase of your cycle you are in. I highly recommend Bea's course to anyone who wants to improve their health no matter what stage of life you are in or what your current hormonal status is. ''
Jane Philip
Human Resources
''Bea's beautiful course is both enlightening and empowering. Rich in practical information that I will continue referring back to and implementing. I connected greatly with her holistic approach and appreciated her continual encouragement to go where your intuition leads you. What I have managed to incorporate into my daily living has improved my overall health, above and beyond enabling me to take better care of my body's female needs.''
Jonelle Kemp
Movement teacher, gardener & repurpose(r)
''What a great course, learning new things about your body and how good and tasty food can help normalize hormones. Would recommend every woman to do this course. Thanks Bea.''
Bea Smuts