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What other women are saying about My Moon Cycle Course & workshops:

''I have spent the last year researching different cycle syncing methods and applying them to my life where I can. If I had this course a year ago It would have saved me so much time! The information in this course covered everything that took me a year to learn on my own and so so much more all in a beautifully guided package! I would recommend every woman to take this course.''
Aimee du Preez
Ayurvedic Practitioner
''I would like to thank Bea for all the valuable knowledge she had shared. I usually struggle with crazy pms but since incorporating the little changes here and there and knowing when to eat what types of foods my mental and physical state during my luteal phase has taken a turn for the better. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to understand their body better.''
Maria du Plessis
''Bea helped me to fall in love with the fact that I am beautifully and intricately made. To embrace my womanhood and to love me. I have fallen in love with food and cooking all over again, it's about having a strong, kind and loving relationship with food. I love the fact that my food comes straight from the earth, it heals, it balances and it keeps me grounded. I get to enjoy life anytime of the month!''
Monique Havenga
Pilates Instructor
''Thank you Bea, for this well-crafted course that deals with such an important aspect of a woman's life. I have learnt to pay attention to the different phases of my cycle in order to better optimise my energy and productivity instead of pushing against the grain. It was an eye opening experience to learn of the different foods that support the body during the different cycle phases, as well as the developing a healthy relationship with food. I also love that the course offers practical steps to follow in order to walk out this journey to a healthier me. This is definitely a course that so many woman will benefit from.'''
Nkateko Ndobe
Project coordinator
''My journey with Bea has been both informative and empowering. It actually encouraged me to not be scared to quit the pill and I've been doing great!''
Prianka Bipraj
''I was a bit unsure of what to expect when I signed up for the training but Bea created such a safe and nurturing space I felt quiet comfortable to share. The information was amazing, I learnt so much and left the training feeling excited, empowered and keen to make some changes. I would recommend this to all woman of any age! ''
Sally Godsell

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