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    Previous webinars

    Healing PCOS: The natural approach

    Do you or your daughter have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)?  Then this webinar is perfect for you.

    Receiving a diagnosis such as PCOS feels overwhelming and scary to be very honest. I know the feeling, I have been through it myself.

    WHAT NEXT? What do I do NOW?

    There is so much information out there which confuses us, so most of the time we stick to what the doctor recommends, which is normally: lose weight, eat healthy and exercise and then use the birth control pill to ‘fix your PCOS and balance your hormones’.

    Unfortunately the pill will only mask your symptoms and will not fix the root cause that is actually driving your PCOS, such as:

    • Inflammation
    • Insulin resistance
    • Adrenal fatigue
    • Thyroid issues

    And unfortunately you also don’t know what healthy foods will support you on this journey.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • PCOS root causes
    • Why the pill is not the solution
    • Our food is medicine approach for PCOS


    Online (Link will be sent after registration)

    Thursday 21 September 2023 7PM – 8PM

    R250 p/p (Non-members)

    Free for members

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    How to support your body on birth control
    - with nutrition & supplementation -

    Are you on birth control? This includes the pill, patch, injection or Mirena IUD? Then this webinar is perfect for you.

    We know that you are doing your best to make choices for your health and hormones 👏 That is why this webinar is designed to help with just that. You will walk away with knowledge & practical nutrition tips and supplement recommendations to implement while on birth control on when you want to transition off it.

    You might not experience any symptoms on the pill, which is great news! However, most women experience, PMS, PMDD, mood issues, weigh gain, fatigue, gut-issues, depression, anxiety, headaches and ‘just not feeling like yourself’. We got you!

    This webinar will benefit you if are using birth control for contraception, managing pain symptoms, have PCOS or using it to ‘regulate’ your cycle (which is actually not really possible – I know right??! You will learn all about it)

    You will learn:

    🤓 How birth control works in your body
    💊 What nutrients the pill depletes in your body
    🌪 How your gut-health is affected by birth control
    🥦 How to support your body with nutrition & supplements while on birth control


    Watch the replay here 👇