Work with me one-on-one

I offer a one-on-one personalised service to be your number one support system. This includes access to My Moon Cycle Online Course, weekly individual online calls and tailored eating plans, just for you. This is 28-day course where I will assist you along your journey to restore you natural hormone cycle.

What to expect :

FREE Access to My Moon Cycle Course

In My Moon Cycle Course you will learn how and why the birth control pill is affecting your hormones. You will learn how to understand and reconnect with your own natural cyclical rhythm. You will understand what your emotions are trying to tell you about your health. Your cycle is truly your superpower when you understand how to listen to our INNER FLOW.

Tailored 28-day personal eating plan (sync to your cycle )

Your cycle is truly your superpower when you understand how to listen to our INNER FLOW. You will learn to uncover this power by understanding your emotional, physical, and hormonal changes that happen over your 28-day moon cycle. You will explore and understand your natural symphony of emotions and other fluctuations linked to your four phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual.  

More me time!

This is an extra special bonus when we work 1 on 1 together. We get to have a weekly 45 minute personal call (4 x calls during the course) to discuss your progress, amend your plan (if needed) or answer any questions.

You will also have personal assistance from me for the duration of the course.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is My Moon Cycle course?


    Will my eating plans be personolised?

    Yes, your eating plan will be tailored to your cycle and if you have any food allergies. 

    Can I do the course even if I do not have PCOS?

    YES! This course will teach you so much about your natural hormonal cycle. You will also learn how to eat according to your cycle and how to support each stage for optimal overall health. 

    Is there a specific age to participate in the program?

    We focus on information that will benefit women of reproductive age, between 13 – 40. But women of all ages can participate. 

    Will it only be group calls or will I receive individual calls as well?

    We will have an individual call before the program commences. This will assist me to understand your personal needs and will help to personilise your meal plans. During the program, a weekly personal call will be held for questions and discussions.