Happy Hormone Workshops

Your opportunity to reconnect with your cycle wisdom and is a great introduction to the beautiful world of hormones.

Reuniting the women tribe

Are your hormones causing havoc or harmony? The Happy Harmony Workshop makes the connection between your cycle symptoms & health. ALL women of any age are welcome to share, learn & flow together. This is a great introduction to the beautiful world of hormones and how to start supporting your body with food to flourish.

Upcoming workshops

Are you a dedicated woman seeking 👇 ✅ Natural & nutrition solutions for symptom-free periods ✅ Improved menopause symptoms ✅ Answers after receiving a diagnosis of hormonal imbalance such as PCOS

👩‍🍳Bea is a Holistic nutritionist and passionate hormone educator, who opened the Happy Hormone Club to help women like yourself to achieve hormonal balance.
👩🏻‍⚕️Dr. Kazee – Registered Homeopath


🤩Reduce unwanted period symptoms including:
-Period pain
-Weight gain, and more
🍓Anti-inflammatory foods for balanced hormones
🥕Natural treatment for better hormones, periods & reduced menopausal symptoms
🌜Learn how to use your feminine rhythm to feel like your best self
💫Understand the underlying hormonal problems and how to prevent symptoms
❤️ Homeopathy treatment for happy hormones (Host: Dr. Kazee)


📍 The Healing Sanctuary (The Zone@Rosebank, 177 Oxford Road, JHB)
🗓 9 March 2024: 9:30 – 12:00
⏱ 9:30 – 12:00
💰 R500 p/p or R600 mom and daughter pair

Our past workshops

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Moon Sisters Teenage Workshop - For moms and daughters

Farm Table, Linden, Johannesburg

A small group of young women joined the workshop at the beautiful Farm Table venue in Linden. We shared delicious snacks while learning about the powerful menstrual cycle and how to uncover the SUPERPOWERS of each phase.

Young Woman's Workshop​

Rosebank, Johannesburg

Twenty young women gathered together to learn about nutrition, cycle tracking and exercise for their cycle. Nicci, the co-host and culinary nutritionist blessed us with delicious dinner and snacks to complement the workshop.

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Hormone Harmony Workshop

The Space Between, Plettenberg Bay

Ten beautiful women gathered together to learn, share & flow together. This morning workshop was three hours long & included healthy tea, date balls and delicious food. Women of different ages shared there own personal hormone related experiences & it really felt like the women tribe reunited. Our special guest Dr. Melody Fourie blessed us with her expertise about gut & women’s health. Her pearls of wisdom were invaluable & incredibly insightful.

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Hormone Harmony Workshop

Online Workshop

Two online workshops allowed women from all over South Africa to join together to learn more about hormone harmony. Many shared their own personal stories, challenges and desires for their cycle & health. The workbook guided us to discuss the power of cycle awareness, symptoms, nutrition and more. We also ended with a delicious seed ball cook-along during the first workshop & a sauerkraut making session during the next workshop.

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Hormone Harmony & Pelvic Floor Workshop

Novaturient Pilates Studio, Weltevredenpark, Johannesburg​

Due to popular demand this workshop was hosting twice. More than ten women attended and shared a safe space to learn how their body ‘talks’ to them though symptoms. They also discovered how their menstrual cycle is their superpower. The highly skilled Novaturient team shared insightful knowledge about the pelvic floor and how to stretch and strengthen it for optimal health.

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Hormone Harmony & Culinary Nutrition Workshop

Rosebank, Johannesburg

Together with Nicci, a culinary nutrition expert we welcomed ten beautiful women into our space. Nicci demonstrated how to make homemade nut milk, sauerkraut, chia pudding and served delicious snacks throughout. We spent time sharing more menstrual cycle knowledge and we reunited the woman tribe. The workbook guided us to open up discussions about the value of our cycle, our emotional changes and how big impact food makes for our health.

Hormone Harmony Workshop

Kalkheuvel, North-West

Jonelle, an expressive movement facilitator opened the workshop with a body scan (check-in). She guided us through mindful movement techniques to make us more aware of our feminine beauty through dance. We spent the rest of the morning reconnecting to the menstrual cycle knowledge that supports a healthy body. We enjoyed nourishing date balls and herbal teas as the women shared and gained insight about their menstrual cycles.

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Workshops in-person or online

If you would like invite us to host a Hormone Harmony Workshop at your venue, school, employees or friend group, please get in touch with us.